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What are cookies?

Like maximum different web sites, this internet site makes use of cookies. Treats are small textual content documents which are stored to your computer, telecellsmartphone, pill or similar tool with the intention to apprehend the tool, keep settings, assemble records and show classified ads. Treats can incorporate textual content, numbers or dates, however no private facts is saved in a cookie and that they can not incorporate malicious code (e.g. a virus). We and kick the bucket the subsequent records processors have get entry to to by skip on saved records: Microsoft Ltd., Google Ltd., Match2One AB and Facebook Ltd.

If you operate our internet site, you receive using cookies, which include 0.33-celebration cookies. However, it’s miles continually feasible to delete or block cookies. At the lowest of this web page you may see which cookies are saved to your computer, cellular telecellsmartphone, pill or different tool while you operate our internet site.

If you delete or block cookies, commercials becomes much less enormous to you and seem greater frequently. It is likewise feasible that by skip on Website isn’t operating well and there’s content material which you do now no longer have get entry to to.

Treats also are saved in log documents, gathered from sanctum customers of the web website online. Log documents are generated with the aid of using all web sites and this internet site isn’t anyt any exception. Basically, log documents incorporate a top level view of 1) which pages at the web website online had been visited, 2) after they had been visited and 3) from wherein they had been accessed, i.e. log documents seize the person’s IP address. From the log report records gathered, we will handiest see from which metropolis you’re getting access to kick the bucket web website online and now no longer your actual geographic vicinity. For greater facts at the processing of your private records, which include your IP address, see our privateness policy.

These log documents are used each to screen visitors at the web website online and as a protection measure. One of the motives we acquire IP addresses is that we will use them to save you hacker attacks.

If we see an uncommon sample in sanctum log documents from which the visitors originates, kicks the bucket may be a signal of an tried hacker attack. By tracking the vicinity of customers thru IP addresses, we’re higher prepared to save you hacker attacks.

Log documents, which include IP addresses, are saved for five years earlier than they’re deleted.

What will we use cookies for?

We use cookies for some of purposes, consisting of: B. to optimize our advertising and marketing efforts and your person revel in in addition to to steady and enhance the technical capability of our web sites.

Some of the records we acquire thru cookies is used to research the conduct of our customers at the internet site. Pass on cookies can deliver us a top level view of the form of gadgets used to get entry to the chew the dirt internet site, which pages customers go to, which advertising and marketing channels byskip on customers come from and the way lengthy they spend at the internet site. When customers click on on classified ads or associate hyperlinks at the internet site, that is additionally registered and blanketed in our internet site analyzes.

We use kick the bucket records to optimize our personal advertising and marketing efforts and to enhance the person revel in and to optimize our internet site in addition to to goal on line classified ads. This is how you’re supplied to commercials which are greater applicable to you. Treats also are used to make the chew the dirt internet site greater useful for customers. Kick the bucket Use of cookies manner that byskip on customers do now no longer must down load as a good deal records after they go to the internet site once more and that byskip on internet site a chew the dirt can recollect settings of the person. Bites the dirt optimizes the person revel in, loading of content material and by skip on reaction time of the internet site.

Kick the bucket Use of cookies makes it feasible to make ongoing modifications to the internet site with the intention to meet person necessities decided with the aid of using your conduct.

In addition to us, positive 0.33 events additionally go away cookies to your tough force while you operate the internet site. For greater facts on cave 0.33-celebration providers, see “Third-celebration modules, by skip on cookies”.

Which cookies will we use?

At the lowest of this web page you may see a listing of the cookies which are saved to your tough force, cellular telecellsmartphone or pill while you operate our internet site. In the subsequent we are able to give an explanation for the use of various styles of cookies.

Heat maps

Bite the dirt Website makes use of heatmaps at normal durations to expose the customers’ whereabouts at the internet site. These records and associated facts are stored.

Heatmap, in particular, is a device that may be used to decide how unique motion of the person at the internet site is taking region and which may be beneficial in optimizing our internet site and its layout.

Cookies used for chew the dirt Analyze

Pass on Website makes use of “Google Analytics” and “Matomo” applications to research from which geographical places byskip on customers get entry to the kick the bucket internet site. Bites the dirt may be diagnosed thru byskip on IP addresses of the customers.

The geographical vicinity manner – as already mentioned – that we can not see byskip on addresses or actual places of the customers. However, the extent of element is that we will see from which metropolis the person is getting access to chew the dirt web website online.

The cause we get facts approximately the person’s geographic vicinity is more often than not to make certain that we handiest permit sanctum get entry to to customers, chew the dirt aren’t constrained because of neighborhood playing laws.

Kick the bucket Site additionally collects nameless records at the person’s visits to the web website online, which include the quantity of visits, the common time spent at the web website online, and the pages that had been loaded. The purpose is to section customers of the internet site primarily based totally on elements consisting of demographics and geography with the intention to shape and recognize the goal organization and to provide them on line classified ads.

Targeted advertising

When you operate this internet site, cookies are saved to your tough force, cellular telecellsmartphone or pill to make certain that on line commercials are focused to you while you operate social media consisting of Facebook and Instagram and while you go to different web sites. Bites the dirt also can imply which you are proven banner commercials from us while you surf different web sites.

Pass on focused advertising and marketing efforts cease no later than a hundred and eighty days after your remaining go to to the internet site. You also can keep away from focused commercials with the aid of using deleting or blockading cookies.